My Father Has it Song Lyrics


my father has it song Lyrics

My Father Has It Song Lyrics

Out in the wide open

It’s like I’m swimming in the oceans made for me

Never been this free

My heart is beating like I’m running golden streets

Yeah I’ve been feeling like

I got no ceiling like

This world is not my home

I know His ways are blessed

Livin’ that “Sunday Best”

And I don’t gotta stress

I’m not worried about it

I know where life is found and

There’s no way around it

I know that my Father’s got it

And I don’t need nothin’

Even if all is fallin’ down

Ain’t that somethin’?

I know my Father’s got it

Now that the door’s open

I’m walking straight through to His promises for me

I’ve never been this free

His love, His mercy picked me up I’m on my feet


Title:                         My Father's Got It

Artist:                       Rock City Worship

Type:                        Official Lyric Video

Release:                    Updated Soon

Genre:                      Worship, Rock

Lyric Video

 Production:            Updated Soon


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