Miss Susie Had a Steamboat Full Song Lyrics

miss susie had a steamboat full song lyrics

Miss Susie Had a Steamboat Full Song Lyrics

Miss Susie had a steamboat

The steamboat had a bell 

Miss Susie went to Heaven

the steamboat went to...  

Hello operator

Please give me number 9

and if you disconnect me

I'll chop off your...

Behind the refrigerator

There is a piece of glass

and if you dare to step on it

I'll kick you in the...

ASK me no more questions

I'll tell you no more lies

The boys are in the bathroom

zipping up their...

Flies are in the country

Bees are in the park

Miss Susie and her boyfriend

are kissing in the...

Dark is like a movie

A movie's like a show

A show is on the TV screen

and that is all...

I know I know my mama

I know I know my paw

I know I know my sister

and her 18 dollar...

broccoli is delicious

spinach makes me cry    

miss Susie told me all of this

the day before she...

Dyed her hair all purple

she dyed her hair all pink

she dyed her hair all polka dot 

and washed it down the sink

Hello operator,

Please give me number ten.

And if you disconnect me,

I’ll sing this song again!


Title:                        Miss Susie (or Miss Lucy)

Type:                       Clapping Song

Common Singers: Various, often sung by Young children

Genre:                    Children's, Folk

Variations:             Numerous versions exist


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