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pretty little devil shaya zamora lyrics

Pretty Little Devil Song Lyrics 

Pretty Little Devil

Liar Deceiver

False Prophet

Blood Wicked Ain’t No Preacher

The Devils All Around Ya

And He’s Purging

The Devils All Around Ya

Feel Him Lurking

Pretty Little Devil

Liar and Cheater

A Cold Hearted Blood

Sucking Little Leacher

Oh I Should of Knew

You’re No Good for Me

Our Blood

Bleed It All the Same Baby

I Already Know

Tell Me That You Love Me

Baby I Know That You Don’t

Lighting Up a Cigarette but

Baby I Don’t Even Smoke

Driving 90 Down the Highway

Just to See How Fast I Go

Title: Pretty Little Devil

Artist: Shaya Zamora

Lyrics Version: TikTok Lyrics Version

Original Release: Not yet released, shared on TikTok by Shaya Zamora

Viral on TikTok as: pretty little devil, liar, and cheater


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