sorry not sorry omeretta lyrics

Sorry Not Sorry Lyrics – Omerettà The Great

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Presenting New English Song Sorry Not Sorry By Omeretta Lyrics. This Song was Written By Omerettà The Great And Beat Produced By AngelLaCiencia x AceSoulja And Mixing And Mastering By Dustin Cicero.

Sorry Not Sorry Song Lyrics By Omeretta

I wasn’t gone say nothing but this on me heavy

I promise it’s getting ridiculous

After this drop

Do not jump to no conclusions

I don’t need these folks in my mentions

Know I’m too solid

Gone keep it brick

I ain’t going back & forth

Cause I said what I said

I’m clearing the air

Cause I feel it’s my place

I gotta jump on a couple folks head

Y’all come to the city

Get a feel for this air

And don’t wanna go home

I know you love what it taste like

But it ain’t too fair we had to live up in these trenches

Y’all went back to the burbs when it got up on them late nights

Look we really ran through these streets

We ain’t never get a break

So when we speaking on Atlanta ion play right

But imma get right to the subject

Ain’t gone beat around the bush

Answer this if you say you from the “A” right…

Which zone are you from?

What hood did you live?

What hospital bed were you born?


I know it sounds crazy

But imma ‘A’ baby

I gotta start pulling folks cards

We had to live in the zoo where you don’t make it out

So, I don’t give a fuck what they say

Look if you niggas ain’t grow up in APS system

You bitches is not from the ‘A’

And you from Gwinnett nigga rep that

Perpetrator step back

Talking bout you from the outskirts could’ve kept that

Rep where you from and don’t rep where you hung though

Every false claimer ’round the world know they felt that

Earned all my stripes and I got my respect

The whole city know imma beast

Look, if you not from this side

And you don’t know the facts

Just chill & repeat after me

College Park is not Atlanta

Lithonia is not Atlanta

Clayco is not Atlanta

Decatur is not Atlanta

Gwinnett is not Atlanta

Roswell is not Atlanta

Forest park is not Atlanta

Lilburn is not Atlanta


The north is not Atlanta

The south is not Atlanta

You ni**as is not Atlanta

You bit**es is not Atlanta

Big Retta, I’m too Atlanta

I had to get through Atlanta

I’m talking bout the 1, the 3, and the 4

The old not the new Atlanta

Sorry Not Sorry Song Lyrics By Omeretta FAQ-

Who Is The Writer of “Sorry Not Sorry Omeretta Lyrics”?

Omeretta The Great

Who Is Provide Beat in “Sorry Not Sorry Omeretta Lyrics”?

AngelLaCiencia x AceSoulja

Who Is Mastering And Mixing in “Sorry Not Sorry Omeretta Lyrics”?

Dustin Cicero

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