NBA Youngboy – I Hate Youngboy Lyrics

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Kentrell DeSean Gaulden born October 20, 1999, known professionally as YoungBoy Never Broke Again also known as NBA YoungBoy or simply YoungBoy, is an American rapper. Between 2015 and 2017, he released six independent mixtapes and steadily garnered a cult following through his work. In late 2017, Gaulden was signed to Atlantic Records. In January 2018, he released the single “Outside Today”, which peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song became the lead single for his debut studio album Until Death Call My Name (2018) which peaked at number 7 on the US Billboard 200.


NBA Youngboy – I Hate Youngboy Lyrics

Youngboy, they gon’ kill you, you better stop dissin’ them
Tell them ni**as, “F**k ’em,” man, they know that I ain’t scared of them
How you talkin’ shit when nothin’ ain’t died about your cousin, huh?
Quando got no filter, yeah, he says that they gon’ f**k with ’em
Playin’ up on I-O, n*gga let that chop blow And my brother let that stick blow,

n*gga know that’s my smoke
He called me a bi*ch, that’s India, that be your hoe
Posted with that stick like Indians, they want my soul
Tossed the body, bi**h, I got like thirty million, my mind gone
And I’m gon’ be rich inside my casket once my time gone
I’m bumpin’ Wooski, turnt up with some groupies while at my home
Why you drop that whack-ass song? Pu**y bi**h, you shoulda known
My daddy tell me, “Leave it ‘lone,” but I’m like, “Man, f**k them n*ggas”

Used to f**k with Gucci ’til I seen he like them pu**y n*ggas
Momma know I’m ruthless, talkin’ stupid make me bust a n*gga
They know I’m on house arrest so they feel like they official
If I kill you, then I take your whistle, God know I don’t like you n*ggas
Feds wanna lock a n*gga up ’cause he talk ‘bout them n*ggas
Bi**h, don’t bring my baby momma up, she richer
than your n*ggas Every n*gga did a feature with you, slime out to get ’em
Set ’em up, then point a n*gga, feel gold, Romo Know I keep that nine with me,

you can act like you that you don’t know Baby with me, 4PF,
four poles, five iron Want me for the Dot, tell that pu**y,
“Cross the line” And I don’t f**k with ‘em, tell ’em,
“Free Baba”, that’s my evil twin Look at him bouncin’ on his tippy-toes
when he creepin’ in He get drug tested but still on dope,
prescription came in I be turnt up with my baby mama’s,
I ain’t got no fu**ing friends He got Rolls Royce,
McLaren He got Maybach and Range Rovers He got Bentley GT,
red eyes, black coating Sliding in that Tesla,
and he got that yay on Pu**y n*gga dissin’ me, mad about his dead homie

N*gga, I’m a real blood, and I’m screamin’ “Blatt” I get free, they know where I’m at,
I’m posted cross their trap Still don’t wanna drop my son off,
know somebody might get whacked Brought the jet, you know I’m flyin’
off, Atlanta, I’m smokin’ thrax Where you at? Your security,
they get bussed at too I don’t give no f**k about this rap shit,
I’ll bust at you Your daddy hit the feds, f**k that n*gga, he a bi**h too

Tell him sittin’ on side your cousin momma while that bi**h grieve too
And that lil’ bi**h, he say, “4L,” huh? I say, “Heads or tails, slime”
Tell ’em, “Kill YoungBoy,” all of y’all gon’ fu**ing fail, hah
Let me check my mail, five, fifteen mills just for the slime
Stop him in his fu**in’ face, I left him with my Nike sign

Free Lil Meech right off the line, n*ggas know
I’m big slime We ain’t lose no drop,
n*gga, them boys know I’m ’bout mine
Don’t know nothin’ but slang, ain’t responding no more
I just wanna make the bi**h go, he waitin’ from the gutter (Ha-ha)
You know where I stay, don’t let me stay home (F**k you)
They don’t let me see my daughter from the time I’m on (Bi**h, boom, boom)

Hear that blicky sound, that’s the Dada tone
Feel like Boosie don’t even like me, bi**h don’t call my phone
Tell Apple I said, “F**k ’em,” they promote his song (SayTen)
They be hatin’ on Tim and Quando, they act like they wrong
YouTube, streamers, they be dick riding, don’t react no more
You f**k with them, don’t f**k with me and that’s just how that go

When I release this pill drop, that be pure dope
Chinese kitty don’t wanna be my girl, she like them folks
Momma told me for to take my Ritalin and I said, “No”
Sarah Snyder always think I’m trippin’ ’cause I’m real slow
Hold on, I ain’t even, I ain’t even rappin’, Jason

I’m really just, I’m really just lettin’ these n*ggas know
it’s, “F**k them” Every day these bi**h-ass n*ggas act like they scared to die
YoungBoy, I been thuggin’, I been slime, I ain’t scared to die
I don’t f**k with CC, but my oldest brother Crip
I be on DC, DC, Marvel, that be him
I be on repeat, waitin’ on them just for the check
F**k the whole industry, they knowin’ I’m tryna get at him

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